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10 Health Benefits Of Turmeric – Proven
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Welcome to my '10 Health Benefits of Turmeric' post!

First of all, I must congratulate you for taking the time to do your research on this topic of green living.

Turmeric might be one of the most nutritional supplements available to us. There is a range of professional research that has been carried out demonstrating clear advantages for our physical health and even our brain!

As a qualified teacher, I am passionate about education and the impact it can have on bettering our future. It is down to us individuals to do our research and make small changes to the way we live our lives. 

These small changes are easy to make and can have a big impact on our health, the health of our family and our environment. This website is designed for everyday people looking to make these changes. Here you will learn a legitimate way to go green. 

Let me be completely transparent with you, I am not here to pitch or sell anything to you. I am here to reveal and to assist you on your journey of going green! 

Traditional Health Practices

Traditionally, people used several natural herbs and spices to deal with health conditions. They were known for their powerful healing properties. It seems to me that a lot of this knowledge has been lost over time and with the use of modern science we are now rediscovering the potential benefits that plants can provide us with. 

These herbs and spices also include turmeric, which is the most studied natural medicine. There are thousands of scientific and clinical studies on the health implications and benefits of turmeric.

For many years, we have underestimated nature, turning to manufactured medicines to fix ailments. A new age is here, where we can use simple plants to maintain our health and prevent the onset of many diseases and illnesses. 


10 Health Benefits

1. Anti-Inflammation

According to WebMD, turmeric has a warm, bitter, and pungent taste. It contains an essential substance known as “Curcumin,” which helps in the body’s inflammation.

Turmeric is a rich source of antioxidants, which are useful in modifying the immune system response. Various studies have revealed that turmeric can’t only reduce the pain associated with joints but it can also completely prevent joint inflammation.

Inflammation can be beneficial when fighting foreign invaders and healing injuries. Yet it too can ignite a range of health disorders including arthritis, asthma, atherosclerosis, blindness, cancer, diabetes, and, quite possibly, autism and mental illness.

Adding turmeric to your diet will promote your health and reduce inflammation which could potentially lead to one of these conditions. 

2. Cardiovascular Health

Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric, which serves as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. 

Because inflammation is considered one of the strongest components in so many health ailments – particularly, cardiovascular or health diseases, the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric make it an incredible addition to any heart-healthy diet.

I am a strong believer in using diet to promote good health and prevent the occurrence of many health elements. However, if you have already been diagnosed with a particular cardiovascular condition, you may want to consider taking a supplement or extract with higher curcumin content. 

3. Helps with Arthritis

Arthritis is commonly recognized with the symptoms of inflamed joints. Studies demonstrate that curcumin can help treat symptoms of arthritis and has been found in some studies to be more effective than anti-inflammatory drugs. 

This is because curcumin is a key chemical for reducing inflammation, pain, and stiffness related to osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It can also treat bursitis.

Turmeric is an incredible cleansing agent, which is often used as a digestive aid in some countries of the world such as India to deal with arthritis. 

4. Weight Loss

Turmeric is not only a great natural remedy for stomach issues and metabolic disorders but it also a great supplement to deal with obesity problems.

You mustn't consume in large amounts with the hope of increasing weight loss. However, you can use the recommended dose to deal with the inflammation associated with obesity.

5. Skin Health

Turmeric is a rich source of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant components. Turmeric will reduce the inflammation of breakout and promote the healing of your inflamed skin. Turmeric may give your skin luster and a healthy glow to the skin too. 

For quick effectiveness, it is suggested to mix a small amount of yogurt and honey with turmeric. Then, apply it to your face. Keep it for fifteen minutes and then wash your face with cool water.

6. Natural Blood Thinner

Curcumin is an active ingredient in turmeric, which has both anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant properties. Medical News Today report of a 2012 study suggests that a daily dose of turmeric can maintain the anticoagulant status of a person's blood. The blood-thinning properties of turmeric work well to reduce bad cholesterol levels in the blood.

7. Prevent Cancer

We must say it again that turmeric is a rich source of antioxidants, which means that it can reduce inflammation and swell in the body. Mayo Clinic notes that because inflammation appears to play a role in cancer, turmeric is being explored as a cancer treatment. However, it is important to note that this research is in its early stages and further research is needed.

Some research and clinical studies have shown that curcumin may trigger anti-cancerous activities in the body and may reduce some of the symptoms associated with cancer. Other research suggests it may prevent or slow the spread of cancer, promoting the effectiveness of chemotherapy.

8. Control Diabetes

You can control the symptoms of diabetes with turmeric and use it to prevent its onset. Not only does it stabilize your blood sugar levels but it also makes your diabetic condition more manageable.

Again, this research is in its preliminary stages, and therefore more research is needed to get a better understanding of its potential effects and uses. 


9. Relieve Dementia and Alzheimer's

Most research studies on natural treatment of dementia published on NCBI show that turmeric is useful in relieving symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It can also improve the overall cognitive functions of the brain and spinal cord.

Curcumin is one of the most essential components of turmeric, which acts as an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and its lipophilic actions improve the cognitive functions in people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

10. Combat Depression and Anxiety

Turmeric contains a polyphenol known as “Curcumin.” We have already mentioned the incredible benefits of this essential natural component for a wide range of health conditions.

New studies have found that curcumin is useful for reversing harmful brain changes that are typically induced by chronic stress. Thus turmeric can significantly combat stress-induced depression and anxiety.

How to Add Turmeric to Your Diet 

 Typically, studies suggest using doses of 500 to 2000 mg of turmeric daily. Yet, with any new medication with is always recommended that you consult with your doctor first. 

There are numerous different ways to add this spice to your diet to prevent the onset of diseases and chronic illnesses. People commonly add it to their meals in curries and soups or they mix it with hot water to make tea. I like to make a herbal remedy tea drink in the wither with hot water, lemon, ginger, honey, and turmeric. 

However, if you have already been diagnosed with a condition, you may want to consider using extracts or supplements so that you can conveniently get a higher dose regularly. 

10 Health Benefits of Turmeric: The Final Verdict!

Turmeric contains curcumin which is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which are useful for a wide range of diseases. There are at least 10 health benefits of turmeric and it is an amazing natural dietary supplement.

Today, this natural supplement is also available in the form of pills and capsules. Capsules make hassle-free cure and remedy for many diseases and may be of particular benefit to those already diagnosed with a condition. Always consult your doctor before making drastic changes in your diet or for medical advice. 


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Reader Comments

  1. I knew turmeric was used for inflammation but had no idea about the other benefits. I’m going to have to talk with my cardiologist to see if this would be a good supplement for me. Thanks so much!

  2. I do love my turmeric, and I just add it to almost all my meals and beverages during my day. I have experienced less joint pain since adding turmeric to my diet, so I am a big believer in all you are sharing in this article


    1. Hi Jeff, it is always good to hear from you! I too like adding it to my beverages but I do not do this as regularly as you.
      I like to add it to hot lemon and honey when I feel a cold coming on too.
      I am pleased that you have experienced pain relief since adding this to your diet on a regular basis.
      Thank you for sharing!

  3. Wow, I didn’t know that turmeric had so many health benefits. It’s quite interesting that it prevents cancer. I really enjoyed the post and I will definitely be adding more of this to my diet!

  4. I have heard a lot about the health benefits of Turmeric, but never about it helping anxiety and depression. Thanks so much for sharing this, it’s so helpful!

  5. This is a great article about the benefits of turmeric. I am a firm believer in its powers as an anti-inflammatory.
    I was diagnosed with Bursitis a couple of years ago and started taking turmeric soon there after. My doctor suggested 2 Aleve, 4 times a day. I opted for turmeric.
    I have not had any signs of bursitis since about 3 weeks after starting the capsules.

    1. Wow, that is great news, Annette!!
      I am so pleased you have had this success with it.
      This just goes to show, this doctor first recommended a pharmaceutical drug.
      I can only presume that they were not trained in natural alternatives.
      Thank you for sharing.

  6. Hi Catherine,

    A great article. Indeed, turmeric has so many benefits. Even, I have seen some people drinking milk with turmeric as well for stronger immunity.

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