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Hi everybody and welcome to Going Green where building an environmentally friendly lifestyle and healthy future for you, your loved ones and our planet can be achieved. At Going Green you will find a wealth of information, broken down into easy-to-follow steps that will enable you to reduce your carbon footprint daily and improve the quality of your life and the life of future generations.


A Little Story About My Going Green Life

I grew up in a small town. I learned so much about the world as a youth, and quickly realized that my optimistic childhood perception of the world was very different to the reality I found myself in. How does a young person find their place in a world, develop their own identity, if they find their environment so unfamiliar?

Overpopulation, resource depletion, natural disasters, nuclear issues, intensive farming, animal rights issues, genetically modified food, the meat industry, pollution, toxicants, world war, worldwide hunger, droughts, climate change. The list goes on…!

Naturally, I surrounded myself with like-minded people, which fortunately there was an abundance of where I was. The town was known for its education and the citizens’ liberal ways of thinking. There were many good people. Together we observed life, its philosophy and questioned everything about it. We were not afraid to think outside the box or act upon our thoughts.

We gave each other the confidence we needed to find our place in society. We started being active members of our community. If we couldn’t fit into the world we were in, we needed to make the world fit around us. We needed to do what we knew was right. We started going green!


More People Are Choosing Green Alternatives

If you are reading this it is likely that you are already considering going green and may already being doing so. If you haven’t started this journey yet, I implore you to do so today. The more people that join us, the bigger our impact. We are stronger together.

This community will help you and others learn about how to protect our planet for future generations, so it is capable of sustaining humanity for many generations to come. More people realize, that in order to do this it is crucial that our planet is healthy. We must therefore address our harmful human activities which cause environmental issues.


Living Green One Day At A Time

We can’t solve global issues single handily. But we can do our part to contribute towards the bigger picture. It is OK to think small and take one day at a time, step by step. Individuals make small healthy changes to their personal lives and together we have a huge impact on the health of the earth, our society and our future.

There are so many aspects to our every day lives which we view as normal yet these practices are extremely harmful to our personal health and to the health of our environment; and many have toxic effects on our bodies, and animal life and plant life too. We are exposed to toxins every day. They Toxins can have catastrophic effects on our health and life expectancy. Become healthier by going green!


Act Now, Before Its Too Late

Our society, for example the medical industry, is built upon a model where we wait until a problem happens before attempting to fix it. This has happened due to the slow rate that knowledge develops at.

There have been many models for medicine throughout history, slowly evolving as we learn more. This old model of fixing problems will not work when trying to regenerate our planet. However, in this age, the age of the internet, knowledge is accessible to nearly everybody.



Final Notes

If you ever have anything to share about this article or about Going Green, I would love to hear from you. Please use the comment sections available throughout the site and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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All the best,



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6 comments on “About

Zoe Hawley

I agree so strongly here. Little by little, day by day, influencing just one person helps repair the damage.


Hi Zoe,

Thank you for your comment. Yes education in definitely the key.

If you would like some more regular info about going green please follow my using these social media links

Thanks again and I hope you are having a great day!


Great content Catherine, if we want to have something good to give the future generations, we all need to act now. I like the optimistic tone in your writing and I’m looking forward to read more ideas about going green and caring about the environment and the world
Thanks for sharing.


Hi there Johnny,

Thank you for kindly leaving such a wonderful comment.
We really do need to act now. Every small action contributes towards the bigger picture.
Its nice to have a comment on my tone of writing too.

Thanks again and I hope you are having a great day!


I think you are truly on the right tract. Our food has almost became toxic due to insecticides and weed control. God gave us natural plants to care anything that ails the human race. I am 86 and do not take any prescription drugs. Most of them are toxic, the blood thinner was developed from rat poison. I do take some natural supplements which help me keep my brain working. When I purchase new clothes I do not put them on until I wash them because the manufacturer used chemicals to create the cloth. I love your site, keep up the good work. To visit a really successful site visit justagirlandherblog.com She has a great blog.


Hi there Ray,
You are an inspiration to be your age and not taking any prescription drugs; living proof of why we shouldn’t be taking them!
I did not know that blood thinning drugs came from rat poison, very interesting.
It reminds me of the fact about margarine being originally invented as a lubricant and then died yellow to make it more attractive as a food.
Thank you for the link, i will check it out.
Thank you for visiting and commenting.
Kind regards,


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