Jul 132020
Black Castor Oil & Hair Growth – Experts
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Welcome to my 'Black Castor Oil & Hair Growth' post!

First of all, I must congratulate you for taking the time to do your research on this topic of green living. In recent years, black castor oil hair treatment has become more popular as both a cosmetic beauty treatment and a way to improve hair health, appearance, overall condition, and growth. The following guide will help you understand the benefits of black castor oil hair treatment and the best tips for seeing great results. 

As a qualified teacher, I am passionate about education and the impact it can have on bettering our future. It is down to us individuals to do our research and make small changes to the way we live our lives. 

These small changes are easy to make and can have a big impact on our health, the health of our family and our environment. This website is designed for everyday people looking to make these changes. Here you will learn a legitimate way to go green. 

Let me be completely transparent with you, I am not here to pitch or sell anything to you. I am here to reveal and to assist you on your journey of going green! 

What is Black Castor Oil...

Black Castor Oils comes from Jamaica and is commonly known as Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO). It has various benefits and this is likely why it has soared in popularity in recent years. 

It treats dandruff, moisturizes hair, promotes hair growth, treats acne, and even relieves muscle pain. These properties set it aside from other nourishing oils such as coconut or argan. It is a fantastic all-rounder. 

Jamaican black castor oil comes from the production of Jamaican castor beans. It is believed to support hair growth by ridding the scalp of damaging fungi and toxins. It also works to hydrate hair and skin by locking in moisture.

It has been used traditionally in Jamaica for many, many years now. Unlike traditional castor oil, JBCO involves a roasting process, which provides it with the characteristic dark color and burnt smell.


Black Castor Oil Vs Regular Castor Oil...

JBCO is recognized as being more effective than regular castor oils. It is a dark brown color and this is because JBCO has high ash content from the roasting process.

Ash is the characteristic that promotes hair growth and therefore the popularity of this oil in the hair and beauty industry. JBCO's will have a variety of different ash content, but choosing the ones with the highest ash content will have the most beneficial growth results. 

Is Castor Oil Safe?

The production methods are currently not safe. There are two concerning factors regarding the safety of castor oil. These issues are concerning for the workers who produce the plant and not the people who use the product. As a result, the production process of this product is a human health risk.

Firstly the production of this bean creates a toxic by-product called ricin. This is a lectin that is produced in the seeds of the castor oil plant. It is so potent that a dose of purified powder equivalent to a few grains of salt is enough to kill an adult when eaten. 

I addition to ricin, the surface of the castor plant contains allergenic compounds which can potentially cause permanent nerve damage to the people who grow, harvest, and process these plants.

So, although this oil has major benefits to the user, the production process of this oil makes it a human health risk. The people most at risk are the worker living in countries where castor oil is predominantly grown, for example, India, China, and Brazil. 

Is Castor Oil Sustainable?

Not currently at the time of writing this article. Although this oil is safe to be used, the production of castor oils creates a human health risk. Any production process that has health concerns such as these is not sustainable.

We may in the future find a way to produce these oils sustainably but right now we no not and therefore I recommend avoiding this oil and products containing this oil.  

Prevent Hair Loss and Promote Growth...

Hair loss or alopecia is something that affects millions of men and women, everywhere in the globe. Generally, it is normal to lose 80 to 100 strands of hair a day. But it becomes a matter of concern when washing or combing one’s hair drastically increases hair loss and more and more of the scalp begins to be visible. 

Castor oil has the potential to help encourage hair growth, particularly when it is used regularly. Although the research on this benefit is still ongoing, mainly people who use castor oil report that it helps their hair look thicker over time with regular use. JBCO contains ask which promotes hair growth. 


Is Castor Oil Effective?

The potent antibacterial and antifungal properties of castor oil treat the follicle, dandruff, and other scalp infections that lead to hair loss. Ricinoleic acid, a fatty acid that contains omega-9, stimulates blood circulation that supplies nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles. This promotes strong and naturally healthy hair growth.

Ricinoleic acid has the ability to balance the pH levels of the scalp and replenishes natural oils, repairing damaged hair roots. Castor oils contain antioxidants and these support the structure of keratin in the hair to make it stronger and softer. This helps prevent breakage and premature hair loss.

You can use castor oil alone or mix it with other oils to effectively treat your hair loss problem. Using it alone helps when combing the hair but mixing it with other products can enhance a variety of different results. 

Other Health Benefits of Castor Oil...

Castor oil has been used as a natural solution for hundreds of years now. It has been used to treat many different types of problems because it has natural properties that benefit us in terms of health, beauty, and hair treatment.

These oils are rich in a fatty acid called ricinoleic acid. It is an unsaturated omega 9 fatty acid and has many beneficial properties. one example is its ability to reduce inflammation.

Improve Hair Shine...

Healthy hair is shiny. Regularly using castor oil hair treatment can help your hair look more shiny and lustrous, which will improve its appearance and help you feel more confident. 

Reduce Dandruff and Itchiness...

Using castor oil to treat your hair can even improve your dry scalp, particularly if your scalp is causing itchiness and dandruff. its properties treat inflammation and moisturize the skin. 

Stronger, Smoother Hair...

Castor oil is rich in antioxidants, which are great for improving and supporting keratin found in your hair follicles. This will help your hair follicles become stronger and smoother, improving both your hair's durability and appearance.

Hair Treatment Tips...

Applying castor oil hair regularly may help you enjoy the benefits listed above. The following are some essential treatment tips to follow when you want to use castor oil for your hair.

Tip 1: Use it 1 to 2 Times Per Week...

Most people find that using castor oil 1 to 2 times a week is enough to see great results. You can use it daily, but most people report that benefits can be seen with just 1 or 2 applications a week.

Tip 2: Use Castor Oil on Damp but Not Wet Hair...

When you treat your hair with castor oil, don't use it on completely wet hair. Instead, use after slightly drying your hair or use a water spray bottle to make your hair damp before application.

Tip 3: Leave the Treatment on for a Few Hours...

Leave castor oil on for at least a few hours or, if possible, overnight. If you do decide to leave it on overnight, make sure you put on a shower cap and put a towel down over your pillows.

Castor Oil & Hair Growth: The Final Verdict!

Jamaican black castor oil has the same benefits of regular castor oil except it has added benefits due to its ash content. Castor oils are widely used in the natural health industry yet the production of these oils poses some deadly health risks to the workers on the farms and workers involved in the production process.

Every person has the right to make their own decisions but if you want my personal opinion, there are many more natural oils available on the market that do not pose such health risks and can give you very similar results. To build a sustainable future we need to promote the use of sustainable products. We can do this by voting with our money and spending money on sustainable products.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you have any comments or questions for me, please leave them below and I will be more than happy to answer them for you.

Share the Love of Healthy Living...

Reader Comments

  1. Hi Catherine. Thanks for sharing your knowledge about using castor oil on hair. I have curly hair and it can get quite frizzy and dry at times. I have been using very expensive products but I would imagine castor oil would be a cheaper alternative. I am in Australia but would love to know where to purchase? Thanks, Renae

    1. Hi there Renae, you make a very valid point, I have not yet set up my site to be accessible to people outside the USA. Thank you for pointing this out to me. I will now work on that. Thank you!

  2. This article was helpful in understanding castor oil. Although this problem doesn’t apply to me, I have two relatives who have hair issues.

    I know they use more expensive products for their hair care, but the castor oil might be an alternative for them. So I’ll pass this information on to them, maybe it’ll be a better option.

    Thanks for sharing- excellent post!

  3. Hello
    Thanks for sharing the post about the Castor oil. I never thought that I can use it for the hair.
    I would like to clarify, you wrote that Castor oil massage into the scalp, wash it and leave oil all-day ( the Castor oil part) long. Should I wash hair after leaving it onto scalp all-day long?
    I like the idea of mixing Castor oil and Coconut Oil. I will try this recipe tomorrow.

    1. Hi, I think you may have misread the content, because of the unclear wording on my part. I will take a look at the wording of this so that it is not confusing for other readers. I mentioned that I put the oil in when in the bath. I then wash my body and leave the oil all day and over-night, washing it out the following morning before I leave the house. I hope this helps.

  4. Catherine
    That is a very important message, about castor oil. It contains natural ingredients and provides a natural solution. It supports hair growth. My question, is castor oil going help hair growth on a bald head? To get shiny and strong hair, it supports. This is more important for me because I have dry scalp and dandruff. Castor oil treatment is will help keep the moisture in my hair. It will support me to remove the dryness of my scalp. Thanks, so much for your complete explanation of castor oil and its benefits.

  5. Very interesting article. There are a lot to article revolving around hair treatment but I have never read any of the on castor oil. I’m in my early 30’s and experiences hair loss on the crown of my head which lead to me eventually shaving it all off.

    I know if I can find something that helps with the bacterial build up and clean out those follicles that It can possible grown back. DO you think this is something I should try? I’m perfectly fine sporting the bald look but it would be nice to have more options lol

    1. Although the research on this is not yet conclusive, some people ave reported thinking looking hair after regular use. I think you should give it a try and see if it works for you.

  6. Hello! Thanks for sharing these tips with using castor oil! I think healthy hair is something that is important for both men and women alike, so I believe this is really useful information for all. Again, thanks for sharing!

  7. Great article on castor oil, I never knew how harmful it is for people that are growing it. Would you recommend other oils for hair growth that have the same benefits or at least some of them?
    Yes, it has a lot of benefits, but we should never put someone else’s life in risk. I hope more people will be able to understand this.

    1. Hi, you are right.
      It is easy to buy something when we see it in the store simply because it is available to us.
      We presume it is a good product because it is there for sale.
      As an alternative, I always recommend making your own homemade personal care products.
      I am currently writing an article on homemade shampoo that can be adapted for numerous different health benefits.
      Watch this space later this week!

  8. I am always searching for natural ways to replace my store-bought products loaded with nasty chemicals, so that is the main reason I visit your website regularly to learn about healthier options such as black castor oil.


  9. Hi Catherine.
    Love it, and very informative. I am not a smart guy when it comes to beauty and personal products. I didn’t know that JBCO can provide all these amazing health benefits. I was really excited in the beginning about finding something that will cure my dandruff which not even a dermatologist has been able to until I heard the health risk it poses to the workers of this product.
    Anyway, great post, and thanks for empowering people to make informed decisions.

  10. Hey, thanks for the info! I have been suffering from premature hair loss, (I’m too young to lose hair at such a rapid pace) and have been looking everywhere I could for help and possibly a permanent solution to fix this.

    Reading this made me believe that castor oil could potentially be the thing that does it, but with all the production risks, I’m not so sure anymore. It looks like it does everything I need it to do, but I want to support safer and lower risk production methods instead of giving companies more fuel to put people’s lives at risk all for the sake of money.

    I’m wondering what other, more humane products you’d recommend that do the same thing? I hope to save what little hair I have left before it’s all gone.

    1. I completely understand where you are coming from! I too thought this might be a good solution until I learned about the production.
      The best solution is to make your own shampoo so that you can control the ingredients.
      I am currently writing an article that will show you how easy it is to do.
      Watch this space!

  11. Wow, I am so glad I came across this article. My mom was told by my niece to try castor oil and it works really good, however, she uses the Jamaican castor oil. So I will direct her to your blog. I will have her use regular castor oil. Thanks for the info!

  12. I was just at the salon today having my hair done – I haven’t gone since March, pre-COVID time. I saw a bottle of castor oil, not sure if its the Jamaican one. I was wondering about it because I didn’t know what it was used for.

    Your post gave me all the info I needed. I didn’t realize the harm it causes to produce. But you mention all the benefits of it, since its a natural remedy for hair issues.

    What would be a more sustainable product to use instead if you’re not recommending castor oil? Thank you!

    1. I always think that making your own personal care products is the best option. This way you can choose the ingredients based on your needs.
      In addition, you can choose natural and environmentally friendly ingredients.
      I am writing a post on homemade shampoo, watch this space!

  13. Thanks for this very enlightening article, and for educating everyone about the dangers that the workers who harvest castor oil face. I never knew about this until today. Let’s hope the scientists find some ways to safely harvest the oil without endangering the people who are involved in the production processes.

    You are right that there are many natural alternatives out there that can help with hair growth, we should go for those.

  14. This is very interesting information about the black castor oil for hair growth. I have used various kinds of oils for my hair over the past few years including coconut oil, olive oil, mustard oil, onion oil, amla oil, black seed oil, and castor oil but never come across the Jamaican back caster before. I will look into this further. But like you mentioned in your post that it’s got similar benefits as the normal castor oil. I personally find the normal castor oil too thick consistency for my hair.

    Great and informative article as always.

    Thank you for sharing it with us

  15. My daughter decided to try castor oil on her natural hair and after 3 months, the results were amazing. She believed in it so much that when I could not see results after a few weeks and suggested she move on to something else, she refused (glad she didn’t listen to me!)
    Great article.

    1. There are several different oils that you can use.
      I will be publishing a couple of articles later this week about homemade shampoo which will have more details on this subject.
      Watch this space!

  16. Hi Catherine,

    Thank you for writing this very informative article.

    I had no idea that producing castor oil was such a dangerous endeavor for the workers.

    It’s a shame since it’s so good for alopecia. I have a friend that suffers from this.

    We must keep in mind that when we purchase something, we are in effect casting a vote.

    I bet a lot of people would be tempted to turn a blind eye to this information simply for convenience.

    Thank you for all your hard work in researching this post.


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