Jul 152020
Can CBD Oil Be Used Topically? Top Tips
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Welcome to my 'Can CBD Oil Be Used Topically' post!

First of all, I must congratulate you for taking the time to do your research on this topic of green living. Many people ask us an important question “can CBD oil be used topically?” There are various techniques for using CBD oil so that you can reap its benefits. You can ingest it through vaping or by taking it in pill form. However, you can also use it topically as an oil, which is what this post aims to discuss.

As a qualified teacher, I am passionate about education and the impact it can have on bettering our future. It is down to us individuals to do our research and make small changes to the way we live our lives. 

These small changes are easy to make and can have a big impact on our health, the health of our family and our environment. This website is designed for everyday people looking to make these changes. Here you will learn a legitimate way to go green. 

Let me be completely transparent with you, I am not here to pitch or sell anything to you. I am here to reveal and to assist you on your journey of going green! 

What is CBD Oil?

This is a popular natural remedy that is used to treat several different ailments. CBD is short for Cannabidiol and it is one of the chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant.

Are CBD Oils Safe?

Pure CBD oil is generally safe, however, it may cause some reactions for some people. Some of the notable side effects include possible diarrhea, alterations in weight or appetite, and fatigue. One study conducted where mice were force-fed large rather large doses found effects on their liver. 

CBD can act with other medications and therefore you must seek professional medical advice from your doctor before taking to promote safe practice and avoid reactions to medication. Grapefruit is one ingredient to look out for. 

It is generally safe to apply to the skin. It does not cause any side effects even when you apply it liberally. It is however important to be aware of CBD products that are unpure as these are likely to contain alcohol and other chemicals. These products could potentially make your skin conditions worse. 

To be safe, when trying any new skin product, always carry out a patch test to ensure that you do not create the product. Test a small quantity on your skin before you apply it liberally to the affected area.

Health Benefits of Using CBD Oil Topically...

Benefits for the Skin...

Skin is the largest organ of the body, which regulates body temperature, is responsible for our well-being, and also acts as protection against external influences. However, to carry out its tasks effectively, proper care is necessary. Therefore, make sure your skin receives the nutrients it needs.

Whether it's extreme cold or intense heat, our skin can resist a lot, but sometimes it needs extra care. Acne, sunburn, insect bites, and other inflammatory skin diseases are painful, itchy, and very unpleasant. CBD could help and significantly improve the appearance of the skin.

When applied topically, some CBD compounds bind to the cellular receptors of the skin's immune cells and can treat allergic skin reactions. The main purpose is to relieve eczema, inflammation, redness, or dandruff. With proper application, CBD could bind to cell receptors in skin immune cells and even support allergic skin reactions.

Using CDB on the skin can reduce wrinkles and prevent aging. The oil has anti-aging properties and can help minimize thin lines of the skin. It could be effective against skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis too. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids which are necessary for the treatment of atopic dermatitis.

Combats Chronic Pain...

Topical oils are an easy and effective option for pain management. Several research studies have shown that topical CBD oil is effective for combating chronic pain. This is mainly associated with how CBD oil can treat general inflammation and arthritis. You can also use it for relieving pain associated with multiple sclerosis.

Topical CBD oil can fight pain in two key ways. First, it contains endocannabinoids, which help you manage different functions – including pain. Topical CBD oil increases the level of endocannabinoids in your cells and tissues, which help in relieving discomfort. Clinical studies show that CBD helps with minor forms of headaches and cramps. 

Secondly, it helps in limiting the inflammatory response of your body when you suffer from muscle soreness. It works with the natural mechanisms of your body and eases different types of pains. As a result, you feel more comfortable. If you are dealing with temporary soreness, aches, or chronic conditions, you can use CBD oils to relieve symptoms.


How to Use CBD Oil Topically...

CBD oils have several natural care uses. Its correct use will not only give reliable results but will also stop the annoying symptoms. The use of CBD oil depends on your specific needs and requirements. 

You can get topical CBD oils in many forms such as salve, lotions, and patches. You can also find CBD-infused bath salts & soaks and use them to give your body full relief.

These are possible applications of CBD oil for the skin:

  • Since CBD has anti-inflammatory properties according to studies, it could be effective against pain and acne
  • It can take care of and soften the skin. The base oil moisturizes dry skin.
  • According to studies, CBD could lead to the regulation of sebum production to improve skin function

Any area of your body suffering in pain can be treated with topical CBD oil – for instance, you can use a CBD oil lotion and apply it on your body to combat the discomfort. Topical CBD oil does not enter your bloodstream – which means you can apply it on your body directly and target the area you want to treat.

Your skin can stop or inhibit substances from entering your body. Therefore, you need to choose a topical CBD oil product that contains a higher concentration of CBD so that when you apply it on your body, it can enter your skin’s pores. This way, you will get the best results quickly.

Also, if you opt to use it in the bath, we suggest you follow the instruction on the product’s packaging to know the recommended procedures for using it in this way. This way you can get the most out of it and reap the benefits.

Top Tip 1: Know Where to Apply...

To cure pain or acne, one must know the source of the pain. This is the exact place to apply CBD oil. In case you do not have a specific area of discomfort, just apply the oil on the most common pain points.

Top Tip 2: Clean the Area Daily...

People come into contact with various contaminants and invisible bacteria. These tiny bacteria and pollutants stick to the skin without knowing it. Therefore, you should clean the area before applying CBD oil.

Simply take a damp towel and rub the affected area to remove contaminants. Then, dry the area before applying the CBD oil. Although it is a simple task, it ensures that the CBD is effective.

Top Tip 3: Apply the Ideal Amount...

The affected area needs to get enough oil. However, this does not mean exaggeration. As the CBD oil is applied, rub and massage the affected area strongly. You can apply it a second or even a third time.

Can CBD Oil Be Used Topically: The Final Verdict!

 Yes, CBD oil can be used topically to treat skin conditions and pain. There are potential side effects so always consult your doctor before using it. Patch testing can be an effective way to ensure that your skin does not react to the CBD. Pure CBD oils are safer than unpure versions. 

We have provided some advice on how to use CBD oil topically. However, always be sure to read the instructions provided on the bottle first.

If you have any further comments that you would like to ask, please reach out to me using the space provided below and I will be in touch soon. 

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  1. Hello
    I heard a lot of great things about CBD oil. Your article proves to me one more time that CBD oil is great for pain and arthritis.
    In my opinion CBD oil in other forms like a lotion is perfect for people who have scoliosis and other forms of arthritis.
    Thanks for sharing the post.

  2. A 45-year-old female with very aggressive Multiple Sclerosis that does stand up comedy. MS has negatively impacted my life in so many ways, but I gotta say that it has made me stronger and a better person in a lot of ways. I feel so happy and excited to see myself recover from MS very fast. I can talk very well and walk freely now.

    1. There is a lot of research going on with this right now, but the evidence is in it early stages as there is still a lot to learn about Covid-19.
      I hope this helps.

  3. Thanks for the informative article. I like to do research before trying things and your article and website looks like it has a lot of helpful information.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. This was right on time and ironic because I just got a free sample of cbd creme and I wanted to read a little more about it.
    Thank you..
    Great Post!

  5. Hi Catherine,

    Thanks for letting us know all the benefits about CBD oils as a natural treatment. I’ve read so many articles that claim the advantages of CBD oils, but I never know it could be used to treat acne.

    I remembered I read one of your articles here about essential oils where I found the powerful tea tree essential oil. If you have to choose just one oil for acne, which one will you choose? CBD oil or Tea Tree Oil?


    1. You are welcome, Matt. Everybody will have different responses and find that some things work better for them than others.
      I personally use Tea Tree oil, but it took some investigation to find the right solution for me.
      I hope this helps.

  6. I’ve already heard about the use of CBD oil capsules, but this is the first time I read about the topical use of CBD. Very interesting!

    Do you know if this can be used on skin that was burned a few years ago? Can it help with healing scars?

    Thanks a lot,

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