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Aromatherapy - Which Essential Oil Brand is Best

Many people are learning about the benefits of using Essential Oils. They are a very versatile product that can promote your health via topical application, ingesting, infusing and have some fantastic cleaning properties. They are a healthy natural alternative to Read more…

Heinz - Best Cleaning vinegar

Many people are learning about the natural cleaning properties of vinegar. By using vinegar when cleaning, you can promote your personal health and the health of your family, loved ones and pets. Some people prefer to buy ready-to-go products. However, Read more…

go green cleaning supplies - homemade

Here are About Going Green, we believe that it is important to naturally clean your living and working environments. Not only is this good for your personal health but it helps our planet too! In this post you will discover Read more…

go green cleaning supplies - poison

Here at About Going Green we believe that using natural cleaning supplies is an easy way to help our planet.  In this article you will learn about the go green cleaning supplies that are available and why you should switch. Read more…

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