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What They Say about the Book...

“It was interesting to discover how our everyday decisions enable industries to damage to planet. I know have the knowledge to make better choices for a greener future.”

Julie Foucher

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What’s Inside the Book?

Why Go Green?

Learn about the advantages of going green and how our everyday actions have an impact the planet. 

You will also get the solutions you need to live a healthy life.

Fast Fashion & Food

Do you know the impacts of these huge industries on our health and the environment? 

Get the information you need to help you make better decisions. 

Every day Solutions

Are you ready to take the first step towards going green?

In this chapter we’ll cover the solutions that will allow you to de exactly that.

About the Author

Eco Catherine

Catherine is a qualified teacher and experienced environmental activist. She was voted to be the Young Women representative at her local constituency and has been at the forefront of making change. 

Building a greener future is her number one goal in life. She works alongside environmental scientists, learning and researching a variety of green living topics to give you the information you need to go green.   

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