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Lined Dry Erase Boards: Large – Improve Organization and Productivity

Office - Lined Dry Erase Boards: Large

Managing any work or learning environment can be expensive and time-consuming when it comes resources.

In this article we are going to look at the modern day alternatives to chalkboards and paper: lined dry erase boards (large). We will look at how they can improve the productivity in your environment and how they can support you in living a greener life, whilst saving you time and money.

At the end we will provide you with direct links to an in-depth product review.


What Are Lined Dry Erase Boards?

Whiteboards are a hard, often white surface which are used to make marking of the non calander- Lined Dry Erase Boards: Largepermanent nature. They have a much smoother surface which allows teachers (and pupils) to create and erase making at a more rapid rate.

Lined dry erase boards have permanent lines which promote neater handwriting and presentation. This in turn makes it easier for the audience to read what has been written down.

Erase boards have a similar function to tradition blackboards, however they are more commonly found in today’s classrooms, offices, meeting rooms and other working environments. They differ to interactive whiteboards which are of an electronic nature.

Improve Organization and Productivity

Erase boards improve teaching and working because they are easier to use, they come in a wide variety of sizes, are versatile and practical.

Chalkboard - Lined Dry Erase Boards: LargeAs a teacher I often had difficulties using chalk boards – the board was often dirty and needed a thorough clean, my duster was old and smudged chalk around instead of cleaning it, the chalks were often broken when I came to use them and I had to write at a certain angle in order for my writing to be eligible.

Then there were the boards with the large pads of paper. These were useful if you wanted to prepare a few different pages to use throughout a session, but flicking between the pages is a waste of time and paper.

In contrast, the smooth surface and simple design makes erase boards easier to use. You simply take the lid off, write and then wipe clean when you are done!

They are faster to write on. This provides people with more time – who doesn’t like the sound of that? Whether you are working in an office, teaching a class of students of revising for an Workflow - Lined Dry Erase Boards: Largeexam… time is useful. What would you do with more time?

Erase boards come in a variety of different sizes. Small ones can be used by individual pupils on the carpet. Medium sized ones are perfect for small group meetings and training environments. Large ones can be used for whole class scenarios with 10+ people.

The Green Benefits

Unlike most alternatives, once these boards have been produced and purchased, they can be used time and time again. They are made from durable materials and have a long shelf life.

Anything that lasts a long time is good for our environment as it reduces our use of the worlds natural resources. Here at About Going Green as we strongly believe in preserving our planets natural resources.

Waste Paper - Lined Dry Erase Boards: LargeThe most common alternative to dry erase boards in paper. Paper is made from trees. It seems that we are cutting trees down faster than we are planting them. Yes we can buy recycled paper, however many professionals such as teachers are on tight budgets and simply cannot afford this luxury.

Yes they may get a little dirty over time, but these smudges can easily be removed with and all-purpose vinegar based cleaning product.

Please read my post on green cleaning supplies for more information on why you should choose natural cleaning products over toxic products which are commonly found on the shelves of most stores.

Saving You Time and Money

Buying erase boards, lined or unlined, is an investment. It will cost you more money up frontMoney - Lined Dry Erase Boards: Large but it is likely to save you time and money in the future.

You will save money on the purchase of paper, which can be expensive, especially if you are funding a class, a school or even a cohort.

Where To Buy

There are many places that stock these great Online - Lined Dry Erase Boards: Largeresources and everybody will have their own shopping preferences.

I like to do my research before shopping. Be sure to check out my article review on the best erase board here n a couple of days time.


A Few Final Notes

If you ever have anything to share about this article or about Going Green, I would love to hear it.

Please use the comment section below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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38 comments on “Lined Dry Erase Boards: Large – Improve Organization and Productivity

These sound fantastic, thank you for your review. I will be recommending our school look into implementing these in the classroom going forward, its good timing too as we are promoting Environment month at the moment.


Hi there Nicole!
Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my article.
I am thrilled that you will be recommending these to your school.
I am actually in the middle of writing a review on a specific brand which is currently on sale.
It will be published tomorrow and i will add a link onto this page.
Thank you once again


Hi Catherine! Very nice article. I learned a lot by reading it! Thanks for sharing!


Hi there Carole,
Thank you for reading. I am happy that it was of use to you.
Kind regards and have a fantastic day!


Hi Catherine
Wow. You have some great green info on this site and the erase board is certainly the way to go, helping safe our planet
I really enjoyed my visit here and I will be back soon


Hi there Vicki,
I am pleased that you are enjoying the information you are finding on my site.
I look forward to your return.
Don’t forget to follow me on your social media accounts for regular updates.
All the best!


Love the Idea of a Permanent Lined White Board, I was looking for an upgrade and this might just be it. Thanks for sharing


Hi Marvin,
Thank you for your comment Marvin. Yes it makes a lot of sense if you will be writing on their frequently. Glad this could be of use to you!
Take care.


I love the idea of the permanent lines, to encourage organization and neater writing! Even as a teacher myself, sometimes my handwriting is not as straight as I would like it to be. The permanent lines can also serve to separate the board into various segments, allowing students to present their work.


Hi Joo,
I would have to agree with you when it comes to writing. It is really hard to write straight on whiteboards.
I love your suggestion about presenting students work.
Thank you so much for reading and commenting.


OMG I remember those old chalk boards when I was a kid. I used to love them cause of the mess they made 🙂 But I also remember us having to go outside and clean the bushes.

Ok enough nostalgia. The white boards are much better. I really like the idea of the permanent lines as it helps to keep information grouped together, either for classrooms or boardrooms.

While I agree that whiteboards are so much more economical, my inner 8 year old still wants the cloud of pink dust from the chalk.


Hi there Mercedus,
It looks like you really enjoyed reading my different posts.
It is wonderful that I was able to take you back to those childhood moments. I too share those memories with you.
Although those memories are precious, I think you would agree with me when I say that those actions are not productive in a working environment?
Thank you for you comment. Take care and I hope you have a wonderful day.


I love the idea of schools using the erase boards instead of chalk boards. Chalk boards are such a mess and as a student they were hard to read. Erase boards have a much crisper contrast between the board and the ink. Love it, thank you for sharing.


Hi, thank you for your comment.
Yes chalk boards were very messy and hard to read.
I like the modern options.
Thank you for your comment and have a wonderful day!


I love the site about going green. Educational boards have come a long way over the years and dry erase boards word so well in a teaching environment. Not that these are green, but I wouldn’t be surprised if most educational boards in the near future are all video or touch screen as we are starting to see some of that now. Thanks, Curtis


Hi there Curtis,
It is funny that you say that. Some schools have what they call ‘interactive whiteboards’ installed in all classrooms as part of there ICT policy. Often they have them as well as the standard erase boards; this provides teachers with a wider variety of teaching options.
The interactive boards are very popular in the schools in England. I think it is catching on here in the USA, but I don’t see them as often.
Either way, these whiteboArds would be a great as the main board or an addition teaching resource.
Thank you for reading and commenting.


Very nice article !! I look forward to your next one this one was quite informing.I look forward to reading your post on green cleaning supplies


Hi Kelly,
I am delighted to hear that you enjoyed this post so much that it has made you excited about upcoming articles. I will be publishing the one on whiteboards later on today and I will bump the one on cleaning supplies up on my to do list!
Thank you so much for stopping by. Take care until next time.


I love my dry erase board and highly recommend them to pretty much anyone out there. They are so much better than tear off worksheets and so much more adaptable since you can easily erase and update pieces and parts on the fly!

Out of curiosity, do you have any recommendations to keep certain markers from “staining” the board long term? I’m talking about dry erase formulated markers, not the accidental sharpe. When the ink is left on for a long time it tends to just stay there…


Hi Craig, I am really pleased that you are enjoying your erase board and that it is helping you.
I absolutely do have a recommendation for you – try wiping them clean with an natural (vinegar and essential oil based) all purpose spray.
If you would like to try making your own, you can use this recipe:
In a glass spray bottle (or BPA free plastic bottle) add 1/4 cup of white cleaning vinegar, 1 1/2 cups of distilled water and 30 drops of PURE lemon essential oil. Shake to combine, spray on surface and wipe clean.
I use this cleaning spray every day and its great.
Just remember that vinegar is not technically a disinfectant. If you feel like you have some extra bacteria in the house that needs killing (e.g. you or a loved one have a cold), then simply add a little bit (about 2%) of hydrogen peroxide to the cleaner. Hydrogen peroxide is a fantastic natural alternative to bleach.
I hope you like using it as much as I do!


Hi Catherine,
I was looking into Line Dry Erase Boards. I am glad I ran into our review. Thank you.

My little one is allergic to the classroom. We plan to have a certified homeschooling teacher to teach him at home this year. Definitely will buy a midsize one before the school start.

Thanks again for the nice review.


Hi Maun,
I am just glad that this review could be of use to you.
I agree with homeschooling and am happy to hear that your little one will be getting that fortunate educational experience.
As a teacher, I would suggest ensuring your little one has ample opportunities to socialise in large groups.
This is an important life skill that many homeschool children don’t have the opportunity to develop.
It can easily be achieved by joining some kind of weekly activity group – cubs, scouts, girl guides, etc.
I am glad that this post was useful to you.
Kind regards and all the best.

Crystal Lim

Wow, this is the first time I heard about this! I particularly like the permanent lines and the fact that they are more eco-friendly. I have been trying to live in a more environmental-friendly way and that’s why I find the information you shared helpful! Thank you and I am going to show this to my husband! (he runs his own business)


Hi there Crystal,
I am really happy to hear that you are trying to live in a more environmentally friendly way!
I hope your husband likes it to.
If you have any questions please ask.
Tank you for reading and commenting.
I hope to hear from you again soon!


I remember using dry erase boards in my classroom, but they were not lined. It’s good to know that the lined ones are available. The kids enjoyed using the small ones for group work and individual activities. Knowing now that these dry erase boards are ideal green products, they are worth promoting when we recognize “Earth Day at school.”


Hi Carol,
It is always great having feedback from teachers as you are often very familiar with these products.
That is such a fantastic idea – maybe the lessons that day could be completed on whiteboards instead of on paper.
If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask.
Thank you so much for reading and commenting.
Take care.


very cool product, i have never heard of lined dry erase boards before, but i can see how these would be super helpful for teachers. thanks for sharing!


Hi there Will. Yes they are vey helpful for teachers. Thank you so much for stopping by. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask. Take care.


As a kid I always hated chalk boards. As I am a guy that likes to be with clean hands when I was using them at school it frustrated me all the time so when we started to use dry erase boards in university it was a revelation. Very nice and informative article. Thank you for the share.


Hi there,
I had very similar experiences to you.
Thank you so much for reading and commenting.
If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Love the idea of a lined dry erase board! This makes my organizational side very happy.

I have long suspected that dry erase boards are more efficient and cost effective than chalk boards. I think more people will get in on this when they see how many options are out there.

Do you have any recommended markers? The ones I have tried before never seemed very good in the long run.


Hi there Jacob,
Thank you for your comment. There are so many options out there. I like these because they are cheeper that electronic options.
Sorry to hear you have had negative experiences with markers.

I personally prefer to use the non-toxic alternative to dry erase markers – chalk erase markers. If you click on this link it will take you to a place where you can see the cost of them.
Chalk markers are great and I think they work just as well as the toxic alternatives. They also work well on chalkboards and windows.

If you are looking for regular erase marker – chizel tips I would recommend the EXPO 80699 Low-Odor Dry Erase Markers which can be purchased here.

If you are looking for regular erase marker – fine point i would recomend the EXPO 86603 Low Odor Dry Erase Marker, Fine Point

I hope this helps you. Thank you for reading and commenting.


Fab idea! Much better than paper wastage. Saving money and the planet, one step at a time 🙂

This article is very well written, I look forward to reading more from you


Hi there Kim,
Thank you for your feedback. I am happy to hear that you will be following the articles I write.
Wishing you a happy weekend.
All the best,


Hi Catherine! Thank you so much for the article – I NEED one of those! 🙂
It came at the right time for me – thanks!

Have a great day 🙂
~ Benita


Hi Benita, I am so glad that this article has helped you and at the right time too!
Just follow the links and they will take you to the best place that i could find for purchasing them online.
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.
I hope you have a great day too!


Hi Cat, this post is very true! Those chalk boards are extremely annoying when you have to write them with chalk; I’ll save the chalkboards for MITOpenCourseWare! Thanks.


Hi Evan,
I am pleased you enjoyed my article and that is a good idea.
Take care, Catherine.


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