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Light Bulb - How To Convert To LED Lights

How to convert to LED lights. In the green living community, the topic of LED lighting has been very popular the past few years. What are they and why do they make a difference? These are common questions people ask Read more…

Cows-Why Organic Meat Is Healthier

Over the past few years the topic of organic food has reached headlines numerous times. So what is organic and does buying organic meat really make a difference? Numerous studies have been conducted on both sides, so which ones are Read more…

Coffee - What Is Organic Green Coffee

So, what is organic green coffee and will purchasing it really make a difference? Will it help me wake up with a smile? Here at About Going Green, we believe that the answer is yes. In this article we are Read more…

go green cleaning supplies - homemade

Here are About Going Green, we believe that it is important to naturally clean your living and working environments. Not only is this good for your personal health but it helps our planet too! In this post you will discover Read more…

go green cleaning supplies - poison

Here at About Going Green we believe that using natural cleaning supplies is an easy way to help our planet.  In this article you will learn about the go green cleaning supplies that are available and why you should switch. Read more…

Going Green Science Fair Project

Our planet is facing some devastating environmental issues that have arisen from our human activity. Many people are working hard to build a sustainable future. In this article ‘Going Green Science Fair Projects’, you will see why we at AboutGoingGreen.com Read more…

Going Green Science Fair Project - Green Stamp

What is Going Green? It is a phrase that seems to be popping up everywhere these days. Your local stores, office places, beauty parlors, clothing stores, coffee shops; you name it. There seems to be a transition to Green. This Read more…

Personal Health - About

Hi everybody and welcome to Going Green where building an environmentally friendly lifestyle and healthy future for you, your loved ones and our planet can be achieved. At Going Green you will find a wealth of information, broken down into Read more…

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