Jun 232020
Wealthy Affiliate Review Is In
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Welcome to my 'The Wealthy Affiliate Review Is In' post!

First of all, I must congratulate you for taking the time to do your own research prior to buying any product. More and more people are looking at how to work from home and its benefits

We a seeing a new business model growing rapidly that benefits the employee, employer, and the environment. However, with this model becoming more and more popular, there are tons of making money online scams that you need to be aware of.

In this article, I will share my experiences with you about transitioning from the toxic nine to five lifestyle to earning money from home and online with Wealthy Affiliate. I will provide you with an honest and in-depth review of the company and its history; outlining the pros and the cons of their method.

That is the way to avoid spending money on products that are harmful for the environment and find a legitimate way to GO GREEN. 

Wealthy Affiliate Review Summary

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Product Type: Online Marketing Platform

Free Trial: $0/month

Premium Monthly: $49/month

Premium Annually: $495

Best Place to Buy: Wealthy Affiliate 

My Rating: 96 /100 (soon to be 98/100)

Recommended: Yes

Who are the Owners of Wealthy Affiliate?

I always like to start a review with the company and its owners as this is usually a good indicator of whether the company can be trusted or not.

Wealthy Affiliate was created by Kyle and Carson as an initiative to help other people succeed online, the same way they had, through affiliate marketing. They are two genuine people, earning money online, supporting their families, and living their dream lives.


Company Overview...

The platform was built fifteen years ago in 2005 to help other people make money online as they have done. The platform has continued ago along with industry changes, keeping their subscribers informed and up-to-date.

There are 1.5 million members in this community, and this demonstrates the effectiveness of the platform. It is a powerful website platform with in-depth training, provides you with the option to manage many websites with free SSL at competitive prices, uses WordPress hosting, has the most helpful community, leads to success, and is FREE to start.

The Educational Platform...

There are two different educational paths you can take on Wealthy Affiliate. Online Entrepreneur Certification or  The first is for creating and growing a business within absolutely ANY niche that you want. It consists of five phases, each containing ten lessons, so fifty in total. I am passionate about green living and decided to take this route.

Affiliate Bootcamp is a seven-phase training series of for creating a business in the niche related to the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate, each phase contains ten lessons, so a total of seventy lessons. Although I can not vouch for this route, I do plan on building my second website using this training and am looking forward to it. 

Online Entrepreneur Vs Affiliate Bootcamp...


FREE Trial Vs Premium Subscription...

The FREE trial gives you access to the first level of training for one week, which provides a lot of valuable information; enough for you to understand the true potential.

Here you learn how to choose a niche, set up a free website, learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO), write content, make your site menu, and learn about keywords.  Here are the lessons included in the free trial:

Once you subscribe to premium (highly recommend), you get full access to all phases of the training courses in both business routes. With the premium subscription, you also have access to the Live training videos. There are phenomenal. There is training every Friday and you can access them at any time if you are not available for the live training.

These training sessions go into more advanced topics such as email marketing campaigns, SEO for local businesses, and how to to use Google and Bing webmaster tools. The educational content of these classes is varied, aimed at different expertise levels, is in-depth, and easy to follow. Well done Jay (Magistudios), the WA live training Guru!!

I have build websites on different platforms before and in most cases, the training was extremely limited. WA training teaches you how to work in line with Google, optimizing your content so that it is found by search engines and ranks well. My previous websites looked presentable but they did not rank in the search engines. My WA site has more traffic and I have managed to build an online brand that earns revenue.



  • The training works;
  • Start making money online as little as sixth months;
  • Weekly live training classes and previous ones are accessible;
  • over 300 hours of expert education;
  • Affiliate Bootcamp training (70 lessons);
  • Online Entrepreneur Certification (50 lessons);
  • Daily evolving classrooms;
  • Easy to use interface;
  • Step-by-step lessons;
  • Video training content;
  • Task orientated training;
  • Wide variety of educational topics covered;
  • Earn revenue by creating your training on WA;
  • Have an authority blog on the WA platform;
  • WA training is ahead of the competition;
  • FREE access to the first level in the course;
  • New UX update coming summer 2020.


  • Occasional repetition but this helps us retain the information we learn;
  • You can not complete training overnight and expect to make money; this only highlights the quality of the platform. 
  • Some of the training videos were filmed on the previous interface, however, the summer 2020 UX update aims to fix this. I asked WA training was going to get updated and Kyle responded quickly. 

Powerful Website Platform...

 WA claims to have the most powerful website in the world. Is this true? Their platform SiteRubix has many different tools integrated into the platform, which are used for website analysis, management, ranking, and security.

These tools provide a holistic approach to successful web development and affiliate marketing, putting this platform above its competitors. There are several affiliate marketing platforms available online but none of them have tools, education, or platform hosting that are as effective as these. Many of the competitors just simply focus on one area.

The platform focusses on simplicity, making it easy to navigate (even for a complete novice like myself).


  • 3000+ website templates;
  • website analysis;
  • site management;
  • tracked rankings;
  • 24-hour security;
  • 24-hour support;
  • 27,195,900 hackers defeated this year so far.


  • Claims to have an average response time of one minute, but in my experience, it is a little longer than this (more like five minutes in my personal experience).

Wonderful WordPress Hosting...

In my experience, hosting a website has never been as safe or as powerful. The programming that takes behind the scene is always hard to see from the outside but is obvious from the confidence members have in the abilities of Wealth Affiliate.


  • Host, build and manage one FREE domain under the FREE trial;
  • This increases to 10 websites under the free subscription;
  • Average page load time is 1.3 seconds;
  • Automatic double hosting providing full redundancy;
  • Backups of your website every 24 hours;
  • Hosting security -27,195,900 hacking attempts blocked in the past year;
  • High-quality content platform;
  • Access to 1000+ SEO optimized images;
  • Grammar and spelling coverage;
  • Plagiarism checker;
  • Efficiency templates.


  • On the rare occasion when people have issues with their site crashing, you can potentially lose any changes you have made with 24 hours. To overcome this, make sure you are backing up your content on your busy days. In the two years I have been here, I have not had an issue with this;
  • Breaking WA rules can result in being kicked out. Know the rules to prevent this happening to you.

Dominant Domains...

 This truly is one of the highlights of WA. It is the smoothness and I am yet to find a fault. Your websites, domains, and site management are fully merged into the Siterubix platform.


  • Domain search engine;
  • Includes .com, .net, .org, .infoand others;
  • fast and efficient;
  • Millions available to choose from;
  • Over 24,000 top-level domains;
  • Competitive annual domain fee of $13.99 and includes everything;
  • Fixed-price - no upsells;
  • Far cheaper than lead competitors;
  • Full email access;
  • Privacy and domain protection;
  • 100% protection from spam;
  • Ability to transfer domains to WA;
  • Efficient;
  • Simple and easy to use.


  • None that I have experienced or seen other members experience.

Caring Community...

The spirit of this community is inspiring, supportive, and available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. The domain aspect of the platform is strong but this is by far the most impressive part of the platform.

There are a variety of different methods for reaching out for support. You can contact the owners of the company directly, ask questions to the community, or join the live chat. Every blog post and training session provides space for comments and these questions appear on the dashboard.

This is where the community aspect of WA shines. People hop in, helping wherever they possibly can, and sharing their experiences. Most of the questions you have you can guarantee other people have asked them already, so type it into the search bar and find an informative blog post from another member answering your question. quite often there will even be a video tutorial.


  • Member rankings relative to activity within the platform;
  • Available 24 hours per day, 365 days a year;
  • Make connections worldwide;
  • 800,000+ community members;
  • Larget internet marketing community;
  • 32,000 community interactions per day;
  • Members from 195 countries;
  • Ambassador program.


  • Some community members are more helpful than others. This is human nature and is not a fault of Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Some members are more experienced than others so using rankings to determine the best answers is helpful.
  • Although it is worldwide, speaking English will be beneficial.

Super Successful...

The training works and there are numerous success stories and blogs to back this up. I have read many stories by members about their success.

These stories will be available to you when you sign up for the free trial. You can decide how much you want to earn. The sky is the limit!


  • The training works;
  • Countless success stories available;
  • Spend your time with networking with these successful people;
  • You determine your earnings;
  • Set your goals;
  • Monitor your achievements and goals;
  • Not a get rich quick scheme.


  • It takes a lot of hard work to succeed. If you are dedicated and prepared to put the work in, it will pay off in the end.
  • I have not made enough money to quit my day job yet and I have been here for almost two years. However, I make sales, my income is rising and I am always learning and growing my business. I should also mention that I didn't follow the training properly during the first year.

Is WA Worth the Money?

It is difficult to know wether or not an online review about a product is genuine. So I thought it might be beneficial for you to see what other people think. 

I asked the community the following question and received numerous responses in a short period of time. 

Positive Feedback...


Negative Feedback...

In this case there is one negative comment out of the thirty five comments. I am certain that the positive comments will no doubt continue to grow.

This WA blog post I created is currently a hot post and each time I return new positive comments are added. This just goes to show how many people believe in this platform. 

There are always going to be people who do not agree and for their benefit I have removed their name. Here is what they had to say:


I would like to add that after this member shared this comment, a few members of the community have come to their aid offering help where possible. This member returned later and it was clear that her issue regarded another user, not the platform.


  • FREE trial;
  • Build a website for free;
  • Access to free training;
  • The premium fee is extremely competitive;
  • You get far more for your money than what other competitors provide;
  • The potential earnings easily cover the subscription fees;
  • Annual subscription drops the price;
  • Regular promotions;
  • Not a pyramid scheme


  • The cost is ineffective if you give up on yourself or doubt the training. 

The Wealthy Affiliate Review Is In: The Final Verdict!

Working from home is better for employees, their employers and the environment.

Numerous companies are offering to help you make money online. Many of these companies are scams so it is important to be aware of these. If you are looking to work from home, build an online business, or learn about affiliate marketing, I would highly recommend registering with Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy affiliate has some unique features which put it at the forefront of this industry, offering a lot more bang for the buck than their leading competitors. It takes a little time to train, build your website content out, and get recognition with search engines, but this method does indeed work.

With the tools provided on this platform, achieving your goals is possible. If you need further convincing, just sign up for the free trial and give it a go yourself.

If you have any comments or questions, please get in touch as I will be more than happy to help you.

Share the Love of Healthy Living...

Reader Comments

  1. Hey Catherine,

    I was reading one of your posts on where argan oil comes from, and I started to take a quick browse around your site. I was curious as to how you made the site itself look so sleek and interesting. After reading your article it is clear that you had some help in the background, which I think is great.

    I myself have been trying to get into affiliate marketing but have had bad luck with other companies that say they will provide free training and teach you how to make money, but they always asked for more money; always. It seems like Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go if I want to learn more. Maybe I will check it out.

    This is also a very concise and thought out review. You include pros and cons of most aspects of their service. Even though you are a member of their site, I feel that you are speaking from a neutral standpoint. You give clear examples as to why people should or should not use this service. This is not easy to do.

    Either way this is a great article and I will check out Wealthy Affiliate now.



    1. Hello, again Max,

      Thank you for taking a browse around my site. I am glad you enjoy the layout and presentation. I had never built a website before and feel like I certainly did and in the right place with Wealthy Affiliate. I had read a lot about making money online and had a few bad experiences prior to finding this company. I was determined to find something because I knew there were good companies out there. I am so pleased that I did.

      I wanted the review to be honest and free from bias, which is why I decided to write both the pros and the cons.

      I am pleased that you will be having a look into this too. It really has been a game-changer for me.

      All the very best.

  2. I certainly believe working from home is the best way! Saving money on petrol or other travelling expenses is a big plus. Wealthy Affiliate is most definitely the best platform in my opinion. I totally agree the only way to achieve success is by going premium. I made that decision only a few days into the first week. I love the fact support is almost instant, and I’ve never waited more than a few hours. I would definitely recommend Wealth Affiliate to anyone with no prior knowledge of affiliate marketing as it’s very newbie friendly:)

    1. Hi there Kathy,

      I am delighted to hear that we are trying out Wealthy Affiliate for your first week and would already recommend it to other people.
      I have been using it for a year now and still recommend it. The most important thing to realize here is that you need to follow the training and create content. It is not one of these ‘get rich quick’ scams.

      I wish you the very best of luck with your online venture.

  3. I do agree working from home is one of the best ways, especially when you’re a stay at home mum or just have a dream to be your own boss and not working towards someone else dream.
    Wealthy Affiliate is a great choice to start your first online business, and i do believe you will be successful if you follow the blueprint that is set out. But at the end of the day it is up to you.
    Great review.

  4. I love the concept of going green. Not only is going green going to make but also there will be no paper wasted because everything is done online. Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a great place to get training to go green.

    I look forward to it to getting affiliate training.

    1. Hello Eric,
      You make a fantastic point that I hadn’t considered yet, thank you. I agree with what you say, working online reduces your paper waste. Please also see my post about using erase boards in your home office too.
      Thank you for reading.

  5. Hey catherine. I have just started with affiliate marketing and am glad i started with wealthy affiliate program. I love the community, you never fail at anything, there is always someone available to help you. The money is not what I actually love about WA because nevertheless you will earn. What I love about WA is who I have become mentally, socially and has disciplined me. I wake up very positive enough that my mind can’t accept any bad thing to ruin my day. It is a great feeling and I like that you explained the details of WA, every one would be lucky to pass via this article. Keep spreading the love. thank you.

    1. Hello Brenda,

      It is great to talk to another Wealthy Affiliate. I too have found myself more disciplined, confident and also corageous.
      I definitely wake up feeling like an entrepreneur and feel like it would be hard to knock me down.
      All the best you. Please keep in touch.

  6. Fantastic review of Wealthy Affiliate! An honest review of any program or system is always appreciated, which you have done here. I really like the way you asked other members to offer their feedback on the value of Wealthy Affiliate to them. Well done!

  7. I’m so glad you have helped me so much with this in-depth review! It’s so hard to decide which program is the best but I’m thrilled you have provided all this important information in one article. Great job!!! Thank you.

  8. This is a really great review of WA. I am a member of WA and one of the aspects I love the most is the Help Center/Site support. I don’t know who is on the other end of that, but my goodness they are helpful. They have helped me work through many a issue with my sites. My point is, even if you do not have any website building experience, the help is there. Hands down the best support system within a group like this I have seen.
    I highly recommend WA!

    1. It is always great to hear from people who use the product/service that I am reviewing. I agree with you, the support is phenomenal. Some of the stuff that must go on behind the scenes is incredible. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Thanks for sharing this inspiring content! It made me feel proud that I am a member of WA. I think it is still the best place to train & learn how to make money online. I really should let more people know about it!

  10. Great review, Catherine! Very extensive and I agree with you totally on most pros and cons you mention. I am not so enthusistic (yet) about the hosting as you are. Maybe that’ll come in due time. 🙂

    1. I think it easy to not understand the power of the hosting here at WA, unless you have experienced other hosting platforms.
      There is so much quality technology used in the Site Rubix, the protection, site speed, and so many aspects really are phenomenal.
      I know my site is safe here at WA.

  11. Hey Catherine

    That is what I call an in-depth review. Well done!

    I just found out recently that WA websites are hosted on not one but but 2 servers so if one goes down, your site will still be live on the other one!

    I love Wealthy Affiliate having tried and failed to build a website on my own about 18 months ago. If I had had this platform I would have succeeded (and possibly not given up on that business but everything happens for a reason).

    Now, I am so inspired by the platform that I have ‘parked’ my first website (in the Personal Development niche) and become an affiliate for the actual Wealhty Affiliate program. People need this more than ever.

    Kind regards,


    1. Thank you, Jean. Yes WA does indeed have a second server for the very purpose that you mention here. Congratulations on finding this platform and I wish you the very best with your new working from home business. I look forward to seeing your progress.

  12. Hi, Catherine
    Thank you for this thorough and helpful review of Wealthy Affiliate.
    I have been looking for people’s opinions about the Wealthy Affiliate platform.
    I saw some positives reviews and some bad too. That makes my choice a bit difficult till I don’t know whom to trust.

    Thank goodness I stumbled upon your review.

    The pros and cons of each service and tool and the testimonials will make my decision easier.

    Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the program that will help me reach my goal of becoming an online business owner and reaching my financial goal.

    However, a question remains on my head. If I join as a monthly premium member, can I still go yearly later?

    Thank you again for this detailed review.

    1. I am pleased that this review has helped you make up your own decision on this affiliate and web development platform.
      Yes, if you sign up for the monthly subscription, you can upgrade to yearly at any time and this will save you some money.
      I am not aware of future plans, but in my experience, they have offered occasional promotions e.g. black Friday.
      I renewed my annual subscription under this promotion and now only pay $299 per year.
      But I think the regular annual subscription fee and monthly are still worth the money.
      I hope this helps.

  13. Hi Catherine, I have heard and seen with my eyes how Wealthy Affiliate can change lives. As you said, this is not one of the scams that are out there. This platform is true and rewarding for whoever is willing to work hard. As a newbie student at Wealthy Affiliate, I completely agree with you on this review. Well done Catherine!

    1. Yes, I have seen countless very impressive success stories too. People share these stories within the community every day. Thank you and best of luck with your online business.

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