Jul 232020
What Is Living Off Grid – Right Choice
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Welcome to my 'What Is Living Off Grid' post!

First of all, I must congratulate you for taking the time to do your research on this topic of green living. 

Most people living in larger cities with modern facilities are getting tired of the day-to-day grind. There are too many people, too many cars, buildings, and lights all over the place. There will always be something within ten feet in front of you, wherever you go.

More and more people are getting away from city life. and choosing to live off-grid. They are choosing to get out of the rat race, reconnect with nature, and live more sustainable and fulfilling lives.

As a qualified teacher, I am passionate about education and the impact it can have on bettering our future. It is down to us individuals to do our research and make small changes to the way we live our lives. 

These small changes are easy to make and can have a big impact on our health, the health of our family and our environment. This website is designed for everyday people looking to make these changes. Here you will learn a legitimate way to go green. 

Let me be completely transparent with you, I am not here to pitch or sell anything to you. I am here to reveal and to assist you on your journey of going green! 

What is Living Off-grid?

In simple words, it means living away from a modern lifestyle and society. For most people living off-grid means living in a more self-sufficient manner, without the need for modern power supplies and waste management systems.

Typically in today's world, you connect your house to power, gas, water, and telephone lines. When you go off the grid, it means you leave these public utilities behind to make this world a more environmental-friendly and greener place.

However, this does not necessarily mean that you have to go without these things or live without modern-day technology. There are alternative ways to get access to these supplies and many of these options are sustainable.

Some people choose to take this lifestyle very seriously, creating their clothes, personal care products, and growing their food. If this sounds like a huge commitment, that's because it is a lot to get used to if you have not done it before.

However, people choose to commit at different levels and the health benefits and environmental can be outstanding and they're this way of life is worthy of our consideration.

Benefits of Living Off-grid

Remote Living

One of the most appealing aspects of living off-grid is the fact that you can live anywhere. Ever fancied buying your island, owning a cabin in the woods, or a mountain hut?

Well, off-grid will help you to reach those dreams while still having access to modern-day technologies.


Connecting with Nature

In today's world, we have lost our connection with nature. Or priorities involve communicating to work every day, paying the mortgage, and building wealth through our business. Nature is rarely of importance to us.

The amount of contact we have with nature is limited. Some people have none at all while others ensure they make time for this every day. Either way, our ability to connect with nature in today's modern society is limited, as is the quality of the natural environments we spend time in.

It has been proven that nature can have many benefits for our health and promote the health of the environment.

Living remotely provides the opportunity to escape the concrete jungle and surround yourself with outstanding natural beauty. This promotes your health, well being, and our ability to connect with nature. When we connect with nature we respect it more and this means we are more inclined to care about it.

Living Sustainably

Today's modern society is dependant on non-renewable sources. It strips the planet of its natural resources that are in limited supply. Using most of these resources has been found to have detrimental global effects and poses risks to the existence of life as we know it.

This lifestyle aims at reducing the use of the earth's natural resources, enabling these resources to last longer. The idea is to opt for renewable alternatives which are almost endless supply.

The ultimate aim is to live a lifestyle that could be continued for eternity, living in sync with nature and not against it. Reducing our carbon footprint and living sustainably is the only option going forward in the current climate crisis.

Promote Healthy Living

By escaping the cities and moving into remote areas, we are too escaping numerous health concerns. It the city we are exposed to air pollution created by motor vehicles and factories. The modern business model also poses serious threats to our health and the health of the environment.

The air outside of cities. is cleaner, we are more relaxed and more likely to live naturally healthy lives.

Saving Money

Once a dwelling or home is established and has sustainable sources of energy. The cost of operating it is relatively low. You will need to pay occasional maintenance fees but the general cost of living is vastly reduced.

You will be able to repay the cost of installing systems over a few years because you will not have to pay energy companies for gas, water, or electricity. You will be getting this energy from renewable sources such as solar energy.

Live Comfortably

You will still be living in a habitable home, you just won't be as dependant on other expensive companies. It is important to remember that no two examples of living off-grid are the same - it is what you make it. You can still have modern conveniences such as washing machines, computers, and telephones.

Many still drive cars and have all the modern conveniences, however, they may have alternative methods. For example, they may drive an electric car, generate electricity from solar panels or wind turbines. Some may choose to travel by bicycle whenever possible and when necessary use a vehicle that relies on sustainable energy.


Meet Your Individual Needs

Ultimately, you can choose how your home and life will operate; living off-grid is extremely flexible. and there is no wrong or right answer. There are numerous alternatives for generating electricity, gas, water systems, and transportation. You can choose the options that will best fit your needs and your location.

Some choose to live without modern technologies, while others replace the public supplies with their independent sources. Some move away from the hustle and bustle of city life, while others remain where they are, opting for alternative resources.

Let us give you an extreme example of living off the grid living. Do you know Amish people? These people are a great example of a communal form when it comes to understanding living off the grid. Please do bear in mind that this is a perfect example and many people are making these changes while still embracing modern life.

Amish community lives off the grid, which is based on rooted religious doctrines. They have proven that other people can have a sustainable society without cars, plumbing, electricity, fossil fuels, etc.

Protect the Planet

Primarily, people live off the grid for a much bigger reason or purpose – and that is to help improve the environment. Living off-grid can result in a reduced carbon footprint, which reduces global warming and climate change.

Research has demonstrated that life as we know it will rapidly suffer the consequences of global warming over the next century. it is of utmost importance that we find sustainable alternatives for living. Living off-grid is one way in which we can reduce our impact on the planet.

My Off-grid Story

As many of you know I have always had a passion for the environment and questioned the structure of modern society, so naturally, sustainable living has always been an interest of mine.

I lived on a traditional narrowboat when attending university. When I moved onto land I always sought out self-sufficu=ient practices such as growing vegetables and generating solar power.

In the USA, I bought a home that had its well and was close to being 100% off-grid. My hose has its water well, I keep chickens, maintain a vegetable garden, and am having a go at creating our gas as we do not have a city supply for it installed. The next step will be to convert to solar power.

It gives me such joy knowing that my everyday choices have a lower impact on the planet, enable me to be self-sufficient, saving me lots of money, and promoting my health and well-being.

How to Live Off-Grid

You must do proper research and prepare yourself before you endeavor to live off the grid. Here at About Going Green, we aim to support you with this transition.

Choose the Space

First and foremost, you need a habitable shelter, in or out of the city. It can be a house-made of brick and mortar, a wooden hut, a van, a boat, trailers, domes, yurts, log cabins, caves, Earthships, and sandbag buildings are some good options for living off the grid.

You choose, as long as there is space to live in, you can convert it into an off-grid space or home. It just needs to be sturdy enough to handle weather changes. This can be a property you already own, purchase, or something you want to revitalize.

Create a Power Supply

Power can be generated in numerous way but the main three energy sources you can utilize are solar, wind, and water energy.

This will enable you to have some basic amenities in your life – i.e. to keep yourself warm in the colder seasons, cook food, and use modern amenities such as electrical devices.

Water and Waste Systems 

These are very flexible too and will all depend on how adventurous you are willing to be. Earthships collect and filter their rainwater, pushing it into a cycle where at its cleanest it is used for drinking, and at its dirtiest, it flushes the toilet. There are many stages between this including watering the food in which you grow.

Collecting water can only be done by collecting rainwater and filtering it so that it is clean enough to drink. However, if you have access to a spring of well then this process becomes considerably easier.

There are numerous ways for disposing of waste, but my personal favorite has to be using it to create biogas. 

Food Supply 

You can attain food in many ways such as fishing, hunting, and gardening. These will sustain your nutritional needs. Remember, anybody can learn how to become a skilled fisher, hunter, and/or gardener.


This is something that people taking this very extremely would do but isn't a necessity to take advantage of the off-grid lifestyle. It comes down to personal preferences and what you feel is most appropriate for you.

Some people who are very serious about their level of self-sufficiency will choose to create there own by growing the materials they need or rearing sheep so they can knit. Others will source their clothes locally, or away from the mainstream fashion industry.

Some examples of this are thrift shopping or buying clothes made from sustainable resources such as hemp.

DIY Personal Care Products

Again this is optional but making your care products reduces waste, pollution, and global warming. It is a sustainable option that can safe you a considerable amount of money.

There are numerous recipes available for shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, toothpaste - you name it, we can help you make it at home. If you are looking to learn more about this, please enjoy exploring the various recipes on this website.

What Is Living Off Grid: The Final Verdict!

Living off-grid is one option for sustaining the health of the environment and human existence. It allows us to live almost in harmony with nature and enables us to be self-sufficient in emergencies. This lifestyle is an excellent way to play your role in saving the planet from pollutants, fossil fuels, and other harmful things that are causing long-lasting problems to the earth.

Making the transition towards this lifestyle can be challenging if it is new to you. However you should not let this cloud your judgment as you we'll be learning new things, promoting your health and our future. If you ask me, nothing gives me more satisfaction than knowing I am living in a sustainable and self-sufficient manner.

Share the Love of Healthy Living...

Reader Comments

  1. Liked this post. My life is the complete opposite of living off the grid. But now feeling inspired to make some changes – one is to learn about and install solar panels.

    1. Hello Dave,

      I am glad that you enjoyed it. I have recently written an article on installing solar panels. Just bear with me a moment while I put a link to it in this post for you. I hope it contains valuable information that you will find useful.

  2. Living off the grid there is definitely things to consider for this and you done great job pointing out some good things about living without the technology of modern life. Good reference to those who live like those of Amish faith to get this type of living. With the reality shows on TV about living off grid really get to understanding the lifestyle all the challenges this presents. Thank you for your website.

    1. Hello Dan, I agree with you and there is a whole spectrum of different ways to do it. You can live with all the modern technologies or bring it back to basics. You are more than welcome Dan, I am just happy that you found it helpful. Take care!

  3. Hi, this is an inspiring post! My biggest concern would be about the internet. Would you consider it harmful to still be connected to the internet? If you inspire us to go off the grid, which I’m now fascinated by, we wouldn’t be able to read your blog anymore…another question would be: If I live on a boat and never start the engine or even don’t have one, would you consider that living off the grid as well?
    Thanks so much,

    1. Hi there Jana,

      I answer to your question – living off-grid means getting away from public sources of power, gas, and water. Some people choose to live without modern technologies because there was a time when they didn’t exist. However, others choose to embrace what modern technology has to offer because it makes going off-grid accessible to so many more people.

      You absolutely could still have the internet, you would just need to generate your sustainable electricity, for example through solar or wind power. Yes, living on a boat means removing your self from the majority of public resources, so yes I would consider this living off-grid.

      I am happy to hear that this is of interest to you now. Take care!

  4. Hi!
    I personally don’t think that I could live off the grid because of reasons beyond my power to control, however, while reading your post, I had the idea to use solar panels to get energy for my house, I would love to do that.
    Thank you for all what you are doing.

    1. Dear Juan Felipe Ortiz Lejarde, I am pleased that you have been inspired by the idea of using solar energy in your home. Anything we can do to live more sustainably is certainly beneficial for the planet. All the very best.

  5. Very interesting! Something I’ve thought about: Buying or building a weekend getaway place and transitioning over time to making it a full time home. Your article has me thinking more about that. Another thing I thought of while reading your article is all the tax savings if not paying for various kinds of energy, gasoline, electricity, natural gas. Thanks for stirring my interest:)

    1. You are more than welcome Glenn. That sounds lie a lovely idea. I feel like the quality of life is so much better out of the city.
      Having access to more nature is such a beautiful way of living. All the best with this journey!

  6. Very interesting! I think it would be awesome to visit someone living off the grid. It would be helpful to see the result before making the transition. What is the prep cost for preparing to live off grid?

    1. That is a difficult question to answer because there are so many factors that will have an effect on the cost.
      For example, is this dwelling a place you already own or something you will be buying or renting?
      how much power do you use on a monthly basis?? This will affect the systems you install.
      Do you need electricity, gas, and water or does the welling already have some of these?
      If you would like some further assistance with this, please provide me with some more details so I can help you further.

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